Here is a selection of testimonials from the learners who have taken ITpreneurs trainings.

"This is the best e-learning course I have ever taken."
- Henrik Toft, IBM Denmark


"The online course provides professional and well structured information's about COBIT. It leads to a better understanding how COBIT can be used to improve Business and IT Strategy alignment and support IT investment decisions based on well defined criteria. Because of that the course was not only an excellent preparation for the exam, in addition we enriched our IT Governance framework to the benefit of our clients."
- Michael Rueggeberg, EDS Germany


"This course helped me to uncover a knowledge area which was totally novice to me. I was thinking that IT Service Management was the end of the road. Now I am very confident to apply my knowledge to bring synergies between different processes"
- Biju K S, GE Health Care.


After performing this course I improved my knowledge on ITG and the impact of Cobit in ITG management and decided to delay my CISA Exam for next year because links between CISA and Cobit must be well managed in order to increase possibility to succeed in CISA Exam.
- Victor Makiese, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)


The online course is an excellent tool to learn the ins and outs of CobiT and see simulated practical examples of how CobiT can be applied in your organization to drive and deliver better IT value. It is a must for anybody new to implementing a framework to support IT governance or to create a successful IT organization.
- B. Thomas, Cancer Care Ontario


This course is well designed and supported. It provided great environment to pace my learning and to better understand the need for an IT governance framework, how COBIT satisfies this need and how to implement COBIT in my organisation. It is also a great value for money. I am looking forward to see next COBIT course available.
- Svetozar Majstorovic, PacForest Products


The CobiT Foundation Course not only provided a great review of CobiT and excellent preparation for the Foundation Exam but also gave me the opportunity to drill deeper into those areas of CobiT that were of interest to me but never had the time to explore before.
- Michael Yeung, HP Canada


Intuitive and simplified illustration of IT Governance principles in action.
- Spyros Armyros, Vodafone Greece